Welcome to Hekayetna, a safe haven for modern commentary on the female experience

No subject that directly relates to the female experience is taboo at Hekaytna.We seek to tell our story in ways that are relevant to women across the globe regardless of their cultural, educational or economic background.

A modern commentary on important subjects such as sexuality, mental health and gender equality, Hekaytna uplifts, inspires and nurtures readers through body positivity, feminist thought and the acceptance of women everywhere.

Challenging traditional ideas on what it means to be a woman, we explore the shift towards modernity for the female sex, the obstacles we face, the barriers that are slowly being broken down and the struggles that many of us face as we fight to emerge stronger than ever before.

Empowerment. Understanding. Acceptance.

Mirroring the thoughts, dreams and aspirations for progressive women worldwide, our articles are written by women, for women.

With an unwavering respect for truth, honesty and openness, we do not censor the facts or suppress statistics. Instead, we offer up a platform for discussion on topics that are often whispered behind closed doors and seldom get the visibility and awareness they need in order to make meaningful change.

In a society often governed by the opposite sex, we believe that by amplifying female successes, celebrating inclusivity for all and questioning societal norms we can empower Middle Easternwomen everywhere to be their best and lead happier, fuller lives.

With a keen focus on setting the standard for future females, our platform offers opinion without judgement, begins the conversation around difficult subjects and explores the difficulties the female sex face, all with the vision of altering and empowering the life path of women everywhere.

Advocacy for all

A hub championing choice, our female-centric website offers advocacy for all.

Leaving no woman behind or unrepresented, our unique blend of opinion and thought-provoking articles portrays the stories of Middle Easternwomen everywhere and advocates acceptance for all.

From taking back the power to make our own decisions on fertility, how we express ourselves both verbally and physically and reinstating our right to use our bodies as vehicles to achieve our life goals, we hope that women worldwide will be galvanisedto make small changes to their own lives and in their local communities through knowledge.

Providing the help and support needed relating to mental health without shame and liberating ourselves from the stigma that has for too long surrounded the topic by creating and sharing information important to women, we seek to educate, inform and nurture a new viewpoint on mental wellbeing.

Taking a firm stand against discrimination, body shaming and bullying of any kind, we also act as advocates for change and are here to champion policies that protect women, regardless of her body type, age or physical appearance.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to hold women up to help them in their endeavours and help spread the word that women are powerful, inspirational and capable.

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